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I would like to mention this website:

Artsy’s mission is to make all the world’s art accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.

Artsy features the world’s leading galleries, museum collections, foundations, artist estates, art fairs, and benefit auctions, all in one place. Our growing database of 500,000 images of art, architecture, and design by 50,000 artists spans historical, modern, and contemporary works, and includes the largest online database of contemporary art. Artsy is used by art lovers, museum-goers, patrons, collectors, students, and educators to discover, learn about, and collect art.

The National Gallery is currently exhibiting "Michelangelo & Sebastiano", which features Michelangelo Buonarroti. 

Michelangelo Buonarroti page provides visitors with Buonarroti's bio, over 20 of his works, exclusive articles, and up-to-date Buonarroti exhibition listings. 
The page also includes related artists and categories, allowing viewers to discover art beyond our Buonarroti page. 

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